The state bank office in samara region at the early XX century: organization of internal life

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On the base on archival documents, the author examines the social composition, educational level, and professional competencies of employees of the Samara office of the Russian Empire State Bank from the standpoint of the theory of institutionalism. The study comes to the conclusion about the gradual staff growth in the department, the improvement of the professional competencies of its employees, the manifestation of the social protection function by the bank. The author argues that the State Bank as an important system element of the capitalist economy in the Russian Empire at the beginning of the twentieth century still retained elements of traditional (paternalistic) relations in its inner life.


State bank, russian empire, xix - early xx centuries, samara region, institutional theory, bank as an institute, socio-cultural environment

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IDR: 148323610   |   DOI: 10.37313/2658-4816-2021-3-4-23-33

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