Fertilizer market in Russia: state and direction of development

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Fertilizers are used all over the world to maintain the sustainability of the agricultural sector and food security. A balanced application of fertilizers increases crop yields, while increasing the amount of food and enriching the soil with essential nutrients. Russia is one of the leading producers of fertilizers, which is due to sufficient natural reserves. The study of the domestic fertilizer market, its state and prospects are considered in the aggregate of the production base, logistics and marketing features, the ways of further development are outlined using such scientific methods as: observation, analysis and synthesis, abstraction and comparison, monographic. The global fertilizer market is highly competitive. Russia not only occupies a strong position in it, but also provides domestic demand. But the level of fertilizer application in Russia is lower than in developed countries, which suggests an increase in the need for fertilizers in the future. Therefore, the further expansion of the domestic market is associated with the development of the material and technical base of agricultural producers, who need not only funds for the purchase of fertilizers, but also equipment for their application. To stimulate domestic demand, it is necessary to encourage private investment in every possible way, to use public-private and public-cooperative partnerships in creating the infrastructure of the fertilizer market; expand the range of fertilizers at the expense of the brand range, attract small agricultural producers, peasant (farmer) farms and households to the market. It is necessary to create conditions for the organization of cooperatives to supply small farms with fertilizers, which will reduce the cost of purchasing them and will contribute to increasing production and increasing the availability of food products, and thus achieve the goal of the agricultural sector in the context of broader macroeconomic objectives of society - improving the quality of life of the population.


Fertilizer market, mineral fertilizers, organic fertilizers, fertilizer production, export, import, infrastructure, agricultural organizations

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