Nikolay Tyutchev and Cirill Pigarev as founders of the state Tyutchev memorial estate «Mouranovo»

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The State Tyutchev memorial estate «Mouranovo» is connected with the names of the two famous poets Eugeny Bo- ratynsky (1800-44) and Feodor Tyutchev (1803-73). The founder of the fist museum exposition was a grandson of the poet Tyutchev - Nickolay Tyutchev (1876-1949). The exposition created by him includes different pieces: family por- traits, rare books and pieces of art, samples of rare Russian and European porcelain, autographs. Then after his death the head of the museum became his nephew, great grandson of the poet Feodor Tyutchev - Cirill Pigarev (1911-84), PhD. Не was a philologist, literary critic and researcher, one of the best specialists in Tyutchev studies. The article is dedi- cated to N. Tyutchev and C. Pigarev, their life and activity as directors of the Memorial estate and it highlights a lot of extracts from visitors’ memoirs on meetings and work together with these two successors of the country estate. Nikolay Tyutchev was a famous expert in art among collectors of porcelain and rare pieces of art. He granted his own great col- lections to the museum. Cirill Pigarev and his donation to the museum and museum research issues were appreciated by scholars, literary critics and connoisseurs of Russian literature. The issues published at his time then became a great basement for further Tyutchev and Boratynsky studies as well as Russian poetry of the golden age.


Director and successor, museum activity, nickolay tyutchev, cirill pigarev, mouranovo, family heritage

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IDR: 140206398   |   DOI: 10.12737/11401

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