The role of intramolecular ties energy in the pyrolysis process of pet

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Recycling plastic waste to focus on. The main type of used products made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is a container from the various types of beverages. There was considered a possibility of waste of PET (bottles, bottles, packaging containers) by pyrolysis. Most of the proposed methods are not suitable for recycling (recycling) of waste consumption contamination. Purpose - to develop technological foundations and optimum modes waste PET to obtain useful secondary products, taking into account the energy of chemical intramolecular bonds. Applied scientific basis of recycling PET into useful forms of secondary products, in particular the establishment of the collapse of the intramolecular bonds, depending on the temperature of the pyrolysis method of mathematical processing - differentiation of polynomial equations change in the degree of pyrolysis temperature-dependent. The optimum modes of processing. The block diagram of apparatus for processing contaminated waste PET pyrolysis methods of control processing in accordance with the specified composition of secondary products. The possibility of controlling the amount and types of fuel components of secondary products due to measurable parameters of the pyrolysis process. The effective temperature pyrolysis of waste PET with the CCA-tures energy intramolecular bonds.


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