Risks and threats considered by divisions of economic security and anti-corruption of territorial bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation at the regional level in emergency situations

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Introduction: in the author’s opinion, when developing operational-search and other measures aimed at preventing and eliminating the consequences of emergency situations at the regional level by divisions of economic security and anti-corruption of territorial bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, first of all, risks and threats should be taken into consideration. At the same time, if the threats are a combination of conditions and factors that create a direct or indirect possibility of harm to the economic interests of the country, the risk implies the possibility of such damage in connection with the implementation of the threat to economic security. Risks and threats are closely interrelated phenomena that exist and develop according to their own laws. Timely knowledge of them in the interests of law enforcement practice creates a prerequisite for the development and implementation of a set of these measures aimed at countering, first of all, economic and corruption-related crimes in emergency situations. Materials and Methods: scientific publications on the problems of occurrence and liquidation of emergency situations in which economic security and anti-corruption units participate, including publications related to their regulatory and legal regulation, including operational and investigative legislation, as well as materials collected by the author of the law enforcement practice of these units during the coronavirus pandemic. The research used a set of methods: dialectical materialism, a comprehensive approach to solving the problem, a system of general scientific and private methods of knowledge, including: observation, comparison, description, analogy, formal classification, as well as logical methods and methods of research (analysis, synthesis, induction, deduction). Results of the Study: allowed the author summarizing the risks and threats in the form of five «block modules», revealing their content in relation to the activities of economic security and anti-corruption units. In addition, the study was able to formulate and propose a set of operational search measures in the context of a coronavirus pandemic to overcome its consequences. Substantiate the idea of minimizing the consequences associated primarily with economic and corruption-related crimes by developing and adopting a set of operational and preventive measures. Findings and Conclusions: the sudden onset of the coronavirus pandemic has partly taken police operational units, including economic security and anti-corruption units, by surprise. Due to a number of circumstances, they were not able to properly ensure operational readiness. At the same time, despite the current complex criminal situation provoked by the coronavirus pandemic (self-isolation regime), they continued to adjust their future action plan on the move, fulfilling their functional duties to protect the property and economic interests of the state and other subjects from criminal attacks. Priorities were clarified and specified, and the main efforts were aimed at preventing, first of all, embezzlement of budget funds and their misuse, allocated from the budget to support the population and economy of the country in the current conditions. The author believes that given the complexity of the pandemic coronavirus and its consequences, as well as the ongoing process of the struggle to prevent a repeat scenario, the territorial bodies of the MIA of Russia at the regional level jointly with other law enforcement and other state bodies on the basis of thorough study and analysis should develop a coordinated plan of action in case of aggravation of the situation, by creating an interagency working group. At the same time, it is proposed to conduct exercises and training of personnel to respond to emergency situations. At the same time, according to the author, special attention should be paid to issues related to compliance with the law in these conditions.


Operational and investigative counteraction, economic security and anti-corruption unit, emergency situation, embezzlement, budget funds, pandemic

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IDR: 143173246   |   DOI: 10.24411/2312-3184-2020-10087

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