The effectiveness of the use of productive land in agriculture of the Voronezh region

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The article examines the structure of the agricultural sector of the Voronezh region and changes in the size of land use of farms of different categories based on the results of the all-Russian agricultural censuses of 2006 and 2016.the significant differences between the data of the Federal registration service and the data obtained from the all-Russian agricultural censuses, in size and structure of agricultural lands related to agricultural lands are Revealed. The problem of limited information on the distribution and use of agricultural land and its reliability is noted. The differentiation of the Voronezh region districts by the size of the acreage and their contribution to the production of certain types of crop production, the dynamics of production of the main types of crop production in the region, the change in the structure of production of certain types of products by categories of farms. It is concluded that the fundamental changes in the sectoral structure, accompanied by the removal of crop rotations of forage crops, including annual and perennial grasses, led to a violation of the science-based system of agriculture and significantly limited the possibility of its biologization...


Productive land, agricultural land, agriculture, agricultural sector, voronezh region

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IDR: 140238596   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2018-2-398-406

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