Resource determinants of the strategy of development of the southern Russian territories

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The article analyzes the resource determinants of the strategic development of the economy of regions of the South of Russia. The conceptual basis of the formed strategies taking into account regional specificity of their realization and the accumulated resource potential is determined. The theoretical and methodological basis of research is presented by the convergence of the systematic, synergetic, balance, institutional and endogenous approaches and by the combined use of theories of the growth poles, balanced development, spatial economics, conditions of institutional regional science. The authors emphasize that under the conditions of the “new normality” where the Russian economy is found a considerable correction of the concepts of the regional strategy making is needed. This fact is to be reflected in the maximal adjustment of the decisions taken in the meso level (intermediate level) managerial solutions to the factors of the “external surrounding” where a special importance has the systematic organization of the regional space taking into account of its systematic features and structure...


Regional strategy making, balanced innovative development, peripheral areas, economic framework, resource determinants, "new normal state"

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IDR: 149131155   |   DOI: 10.15688/re.volsu.2017.1.13

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