The speech portrait of an American detective (based on the series “True detective”)

Автор: Tsibina M.A., Novitskaya I.V.

Журнал: Juvenis scientia @jscientia

Рубрика: Филологические науки

Статья в выпуске: 4, 2018 года.

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The article presents the description of the speech portrait of an American detective based on the series «True Detective». The features of the language means set and the features of speech behavior of the characters in the series are determined with the help of the method of L. P. Krysin. It is identified that the following characteristics are typical for the speech portrait of an American detective: thematic lexical groups of words «work», «personality and society», «relations (family and friendship)», «religion»; the use of swear words; domination of past and present time, indicative and imperative moods; the use of phraseological units, proverbs, idioms; and other features.


Speech portrait, linguistic personality, speech, detective, series, film

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