Development of creative thinking in the process of preparation of bachelors of physical education

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The authors propose to consider a very popular problem that exists for many years in the field of education, associated with the formation and development of creative abilities of students of higher education. It is pointed out that in the conditions of significant transformations of the latter, the development of creative thinking and its importance in the formation of professional readiness have become highly relevant. It is shown that the relevance is due to the need to revise approaches to the solution of the formation and development problem of creative thinking in modern higher education. The text presents the main tasks that reveal the features of higher education at the present stage of development of society. The differences of learning conditions caused by new educational standards and trends in the development of educational environment in terms of changing educational paradigms has been revealed. The data of the authors' own observations are of particular value in the text: the results obtained in the course of the research which study the state of the issue under consideration, as well as the results obtained in the search for the solutions to achieve this goal...


Creative thinking, students, process of preparation of bachelors, physical education

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