Development of mechanisms and instruments of increasing economic safety with regard to the peculiarities of the present stage of the economy

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The development of theoretical provisions of economic security, their mechanisms and instruments is determined by the laws of the economy that reveal the management of production, the market processes of distribution, exchange, consumption, taking into account the features of industries, regions, the level of globalization, etc. Each sphere, region or branch of the economy is characterized by peculiar economic processes justified by a specific approach to their disclosure. Economic security, its emergence, development and adaptation to changing market conditions, is based on the information economy or on the knowledge economy. Economic security is determined by the costs of information, its confidentiality, taking into account the interaction, on the one hand, and the competition of various enterprises, regions and countries, on the other. In the process of economic development, knowledge in general and any specialists are needed, but only those that are necessary in the economy. Communication and interaction of science, knowledge, information with production provides not only economic security, but also their successful development. To develop certain principles or laws for the interaction of technological and economic factors, their degree and level of interaction, a study of economic activity was conducted. In the present study, a civilizational approach was used that is based on the determining role of man in the economy and society and the importance of knowledge and information, when the important mechanisms remain: the development of technology and technology, the role of knowledge and information, and communication. The implementation of the civilized approach takes into account the new methodological level of increasing economic security, when the main factor in the development of the economy is the scientific and technological progress that justifies the information path of economic development.


Development of tools and mechanisms to improve the economic security of the country, economic indicators, government regulation, economics

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IDR: 140229877   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2017-3-325-333

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