Development of public-private partnership mechanisms in the grain product sub-complex

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In the context of the active entry of Kazakhstan into the world economy, the growing shortage and decline in the quality of raw materials and the related rise in prices for grain and bakery products, the grain-product subcomplex of the domestic agro-industrial complex is of particular importance. The article notes that the development of production in various sectors and spheres of the economy of Kazakhstan requires the search and use of new, more efficient forms of implementation of production and economic activities. One of the key methods of solving this problem is the integration of commodity producers, which makes it possible to unite in a single complex all the links of the reproduction cycle in the technological chain “production of raw materials - output of finished products”. It is emphasized that domestic and foreign experience has proved that integrated education, formed on the basis of the principles of public-private partnership, achieves a high level of efficiency and competitiveness. For the successful implementation of public-private partnership projects in the grain product sub-complex, an in-depth study, generalization and systematization of the experience of using this mechanism by both national and foreign companies that have achieved high results in this area is required. Currently, public-private partnership continues to remain at the initial stage of development, which is largely due to the specific high-risk features of the functioning of the branches of the grain product sub-complex. These circumstances emphasize the importance of a detailed analysis of methods and tools for increasing the competitiveness of enterprises and organizations of the domestic grain products subcomplex, first of all, targeted investment in the development of production.


Grain products subcomplex, public-private partnership, industries, mechanism, development, forms, structures, projects, cooperation, regulation, funds, priorities

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IDR: 140261156   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2021-2-277-284

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