Development of high-tech production of high-octane components of motor fuel from renewable vegetable raw materials

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In work are studied development of new oxygen-containing high-octane fuel compositions. The short review of comparisons of the main indicators is presented. In this article is shown need of development of production of octane additives. Receiving high-octane gasolines with use of components of the fuels alternative oil, the solution of these questions can become use of alcohols as additives to traditional gasoline, and first of all the ethyl alcohol produced from renewable sources of raw materialsThe goal can be carried out by means of modeling of technological processes. Using a software package of "UnisimDesign" we will make modeling of process of receiving isoamyl alcohol. In a basis of universal system of modeling of "UnisimDesign" the general principles of calculations of material and thermal balances of technological schemes are underlain.On the calculated scheme 1 isoamyl alcohol which is used in the form of additive to motor fuels is emitted one target product...


Additive, fusel oils, octane additives, isoamyl alcohol, butanol

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IDR: 140238576   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2018-2-264-269

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