Development of technology of highly accessible compound feeds with vacuum spraying of liquid components

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The technology of production of compound feeds for agricultural (pigs) and unproductive (dogs, cats) animals, as well as for fur-bearing animals (minks, arctic foxes, sables) and valuable fish (sturgeon, trout, etc.), in which the replacement of expensive components of animal origin (fish meal, meat and bone meal, blood meal, offal), for extruded vegetable high-protein components (soy, sunflower or rapeseed meal, lupine, peas, soy) is carried out. The use of vacuum spraying of thermolabile liquid components (amino acids, protein-vitamin-mineral additives, vitamins, fats) on the surface of extruded pellets will allow you to obtain highly digestible feed. The kinetic regularities of the studied processes of humidification and steaming, extrusion, drying/cooling and draining are determined, and their rational modes are revealed. The technological scheme of the line for the production of highly digestible compound feeds has been developed, which includes the following equipment: hopper; extruder; dryer-cooler; liquid component injection plant, draining machine; conveyor and finished product hopper. According to the technical characteristics (overall dimensions, weight, occupied area, drive power, uniformity of application of fat on the surface of granules), the manufactured coating machine and the liquid component injection unit exceed the best world analogues. The technology of vacuum mixing with the introduction of liquid components will ensure their uniform distribution over the entire volume, reduce the duration of mixing, which will increase the productivity of the vacuum mixer and reduce energy consumption. The developed technology and promising types of technological equipment (mixer, extruder, vacuum sprayer, dryer-cooler) will make it possible to obtain highly digestible feed of a new generation with a protein content of 60 %, fat content of 40 %, with the introduction of growth stimulants, biologically active additives. An increase in the protein and fat complex will increase the digestibility of compound feeds by 10-12 %, increase weight gain by 10-12 % and reduce feed conversion by 15 %.


Technology, compound feed, vacuum, spraying, fat-and-vitamin supplements, equipment

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IDR: 140257370   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2021-1-94-101

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