Development of technology of sour cream product with increased shelf life

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A characteristic feature of sour cream products is the production of recombined cream, obtained from natural cow milk raw materials, dry skimmed milk and / or substitutes, dry cream and / or substitutes, vegetable protein and milk fat substitute, with the addition or Without the addition of milk processing products by ripening with pure cultures of lactic acid bacteria with or without the addition of stabilizers, flavorings, preservatives and for direct use as food. The use of dairy fat substitutes in dairy products has long been practiced by manufacturers. Advantages of a substitute for milk fat in front of milk fat are obvious: the composition does not include cholesterol, which does not increase the risk of heart disease; Contains unsaturated fatty acids, which are useful for the body and are quickly absorbed; adding a substitute for improved product consistency; A substitute is cheaper than natural milk fat, as a result of which the final product is more affordable. Products based on a substitute for milk fat are shown to people suffering from diabetes, hypertension or lactose intolerance. The production of the sour cream product was carried out according to the standard technological scheme with addition of the operation of introducing the chitosan solution before the fermentation stage. Grounded structure and rational ratio to the chitosan solution formulation sour cream product. It is proved that the introduction of a solution of chitosan into the composition of the sour cream product leads to a more stable and long-lasting preservation of the quality and safety indicators of products and an increase in their shelf life. It is possible to implement the results obtained in industrial conditions.


Estimated product, chitosan, shelf life

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IDR: 140229844   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2017-3-109-114

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