Working out of technology of preparation premix and the equipment for its realization

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The article describes validation and development of technology of vitamin, mineral and complex premixes with the introduction of vegetable oil and a set of equipment for its implementation. The two-component mixture was used for research. Crushed wheat was used as the main component, and the metal admixture with magnetic properties, vitamin B 2 and salt of micronutrients MnSO 4 as key components. Quality of the final mixture was determined by the homogeneity test. Trace components dosing accuracy was determined by dosing vitamins B 5, E, A, and trace-element salts MnSO 4, FeSO 4, CuSO 4. Also introduction of vegetable oil in the filler was researched. When the oil was entering the mixer in an amount of 2 % homogeneity of the filler and oil mixture was 94 %. The oil fine spray was provided by special nozzles design. A pilot mixer consisting of a body having a lower portion of the shape of the double trough and lid is developed for conducting research in mixing vitamins, salts of trace elements with the filler. Inside the case, there are two horizontal shafts, rotating in opposite directions. Each shaft has four rows of blades. In the upper part of the mixer above paddle shafts manifold with injectors is located. The studies found that the accuracy of dosing vitamins B 5, E and A in amounts of 0,02 and 0,2%, does not exceed 1 % of a set weight of component; accuracy of dosing of trace components salts MnSO4, FeSO4, CuSO4 in amounts of 0,2 % does not exceed 1 % of a set weight of component; high quality of mixing provided by a mixer design that implements the fluidized mixing method.


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