Development of technology for fondant candies with the enhanced nutritional value on the basis of roasted semi finished chicory

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A series of experiments on the preparation of fondant sweets with partial replacement of sugar by 2-4 % of chicory semi-product were carried out. The analysis of differential and integral distribution curves of particles and sucrose crystals in fondant showed that dispersity reduces with the increase in the chicory content. The effect of fructose and fiber on fondant structure formation was evaluated. A fructose, being an antycrystallizer, delays the crystal structure formation, the fiber due to the high hydrophilicity and water retention capacity on the one hand enhances the supersaturation of the liquid phase, and on the other hand increases mass effective viscosity, which results in the formation of the crystal structure and the liquid phase of high viscosity. Fondant rheological characteristics were defined. Analysis of fondant mass flow curves with powdered chicory semi-product showed them to be pseudo plastic rheological bodies regardless of the recipe. Structural and mechanical properties of the fondant mass during molding depend on the moisture and other liquid components contents, temperature, strain rate, mechanical impact duration, etc. Studies of fondant mass structuring process in room conditions (20 °C) showed that structure formation process accelerates with increase in chicory concentration and the plastic strength of sweets is significantly higher at 3% chicory content as compared to 2 % content. A comparative analysis of fondant sweets quality indexes with various chicory dosages was carried out. Increase in dosage of additives in sweets increases the percentage of reducing substances that slows drying of products during storage and extends their shelf life. The increase in dosage of additives in sweets increases the percentage of reducing substances that slow drying of products during storage and extend their shelf life. The liquid phase content is directly proportional to the dosage of chicory. The technology of making fondant sweets with addition of roasted chicory semi-product while tempering fondant is developed. High nutritional value product was obtained and technological characteristics of production were enhanced by increasing the viscosity and the plastic strength of fondant. The duration of the fondant sweets structure formation while proving significantly reduced, and scrap rate decreased.


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