The development of technology cupcakes using additives rosehip may (rosa majalis)

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This article contains information about newly developed technologies cupcakes with making fine powder (product recycling) and water extract of the fruit of the wild rose may (Rosa majalis). Given the chemical composition of the deposited product of the processing of the fine powder hips may. The aim of this study is to develop and scientific substantiation of technologies of production of flour confectionery products, in particular cupcakes, with superior quality with the use of additives rosehip may. The results of experimental studies on changes of physico-chemical properties of the dough during fermentation, depending on the amounts of applied additives and modifying complex indicators of the quality of finished products. Based on the data produced optimal ratios make product recycling and extract from the fruits of medicinal plants in Central Russia hips may (Rosa majalis) recipe cake products. See recipe cake products with optimal ratios introduced, enriching the product components. Based on the results of organoleptic and physico-chemical evaluation of the quality of finished products obtained from the samples of the test, the values obtained comprehensive quality indicators. The conclusion is that the best physico-chemical and organoleptic quality, has been studied in a laboratory study, are the samples with the introduction of the product refining of fine powder rosehip 3.6 % from the total amount of wheat flour and rosehip extract 5.7 % instead of the water in the recipe.


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