Development of strategies of social and economic development: comparative analysis of institutional activity of Russian regions in 2015-2016

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The system of regional strategic planning in Russia has been transformed taking into account the innovations connected with the introduction of the principles of the theory of a new public administration for five years so far. The normative and legal base was transformed among others in 2014 and the new federal law about the strategic planning was passed. It confirmed new legal base of the development of strategic documents in different levels of the national economic system. The results of the research that are presented in the article are directed at the study of the condition of the system of the strategic planning and in particular are focused on the approaches to the research of strategic papers. The study is devoted to the analysis of normative and legal frameworks of the implementation of the strategy making on the regional level and also devoted to the content of strategies of social and economic development of regions. The analysis is based on the survey of normative and legal acts in the sphere of strategic planning of the regional level...


Strategic planning, strategy of social and economic development, region, development, scenario, law, alternative, priorities, innovations, adjustment

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IDR: 149131168   |   DOI: 10.15688/re.volsu.2017.1.6

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