Development of the strategic project decisions in the field of rural tourism based on effective business models

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The article discusses the issues associated with developing strategic project decisions in the field of rural tourism based on effective business models. Business models development of investment projects in rural tourism is an integral part of investment planning of tourist areas and development of investment proposals. The structure of the investment proposals at the macro level consists of investment declaration of a rural settlement, investment passport of a rural settlement, which includes the list of investment sites and projects, draft agreements with potential investors. Macro level of investment proposals presented by business plan, feasibility study or investment project passport. The content of these documents is determined by a business model that is used to describe the basic principles of design, development and successful project implementation. The article describes the key elements of a business model, considers a stepwise development algorithm, and determines interconnection between the content of its key elements and strategic project decisions for the development of tourist areas of rural settlement. The authors analyze the main types of business models, most widespread in the Russian Federation: "Cooperation", "Specialization", "Diversification" and examine the key risks associated with the implementation and promotion of tourist products. The business model is an effective tool not only for the formation of a unique value proposition and determination of principles of construction and development of a successful project, but also for the development of investment decisions at micro-level that meet the investment policy and socio-economic development strategies of rural settlement in general. Within the framework of the development of investment proposals, which are mainly the result of investment planning of territories, optimum ratio (interconnection) should be defined between strategic project decisions at macro-level and key elements of the business model of a particular investment project.


Rural tourism, business model, investment proposals, investment planning of tourism territories

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IDR: 14057998   |   DOI: 10.12737/19174

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