The development of the method for assessing the distribution of components in food

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The article considers the problem of assessing the quality of food products and the process of their production using the example of determining the mass fraction of sodium chloride in baked pork. Salt is an important component, the content of which is regulated by standards and technical regulations and affects all types of indicators: organoleptic, quality and safety. Standard methods of sampling and determining the mass fraction of sodium chloride - the methods of Mora and Folgrade, which establish the average value of the measured index are analyzed. As a result of the conducted studies, a method for estimating the distribution of components in a food product based on the second Fick law, which takes into account the nonstationary nature of the flow and provides for the possibility of changing the flow of atoms in the diffusion process, is proposed. The article provides a mathematical justification for the proposed methodology. Based on the methods, regulated by standards, the method allows to demonstrate clearly the values of the component content in the product mass.The developed method gives a more complete picture of the quality of products, allows us to draw conclusions about the quality of the process and the causes that affect it.This information will allow to develop a set of measures to ensure a high level of competitiveness of the food product.


Quality, baked pork, distribution of components, technique, sodium chloride, diffusion

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IDR: 140238686   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2018-3-82-85

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