Expansion of the functionality of interrogating analog sensors in the control systems of LLC «Vega-GAZ» for the fuel and energy complex

Автор: M.V. Alekseev, I.A. Khaustov, V.S. Kudryashov, A.V. Ivanov, I.A. Kozenko, M.B. Kuzmichev

Журнал: Вестник Воронежского государственного университета инженерных технологий @vestnik-vsuet

Рубрика: Химическая технология

Статья в выпуске: 3 (89), 2021 года.

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On the instructions of LLC «Vega-GAZ», a research topic was formulated for the development of a functional block for processing typical analog sensors with various transmitters. The block must provide input of primary data, provide for the possibility of outputting the channel to the «Repair» and «Simulation» states, and also provide verification of the correctness of the input signal value. In the course of the research, the analysis of the technical characteristics of the devices used in the control systems of LLC «Vega-GAZ» was carried out. The setting of the electronic module VTM, the converter module MTM 0399/М0, the voltage signal converter MACX MCR and the programmable logic controller REGUL R200 has been studied and mastered. Within the framework of the block functions formulated in the task, the set of tasks for signal processing is established. It is required to initialize the analog inputs, set the setpoints for each input, check the presence of a signal at the input, compare the values of the analog signals with the setpoints, and additional processing of the analog signals (filtering, linearization, etc.). A universal algorithm for the operation of the block for various signals is proposed. A description of functions and a program in ST language in the SCADA-complex «SONATA» have been compiled using the example of a block for processing analog signals from temperature sensors downstream of a low-pressure turbine from a MTM «Vega-GAZ» converter. The developed block was debugged for its implementation in the application software of LLC «Vega-GAZ»


Sensors, transmitters, signal converters, logic controllers, SCADA-complex, programming

Короткий адрес: https://readera.org/140259881

IDR: 140259881   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2021-3-198-206

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