The cost calculation of inspection buildings and structures on engineering man-hours

Автор: Sudar Olga Yurievna, Ulybin Aleksey Vladimirovich, Kukushkina Galina Andreevna

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There is a large number of collections of reference prices, used by specialists, to assess the cost of the inspection of buildings and structures now. However, there is no uniform collection to determine the cost of the inspection. In addition, there is no unified approach to the formation of prices for the execution of works. The article deals with existing approaches to determining the value of work based on the calculation of labor costs. Determine the cost of works on visual inspection of a variety of ways: in labor costs and collections of basic prices. The authors concluded about the application of the method of calculating the value of labor costs and possible ways of its application.


Engineering man-hours, inspection buildings and structures, collection of basic prices, estimated cost, pricing

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