Radio-technical expertise: new possibilities of forensic departments of the internal affairs bodies of the Russian Federation

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Introduction: in October 2015, the List of genera (types) of forensic examinations carried out in the forensic departments of the internal affairs bodies of the Russian Federation included radio-technical expertise. The article discusses the capabilities of forensic departments for the forensic research of radio-electronic devices, lists the main objects of research of radio-technical expertise, provides typical questions. Materials and Methods: the regulatory framework of the study is formed by the Constitution of the Russian Federation, criminal procedure legislation, legislation and departmental regulations governing forensic expert activity. The methodological basis of the study was formed by the general dialectical method of scientific knowledge, the provisions of forensic science and the general theory of forensic examination, as well as natural and technical sciences: radio-physics, electronics, radio-engineering, etc. Results of the Study: the analysis of the activities of the forensic departments of the Internal Affairs Directorate of the Russian Federation on the study of radio-electronic devices is carried out, the main types of objects of research and the possibilities of radiotechnical expertise are considered. Findings and Conclusions: on the basis of the studies carried out, conclusions are drawn about the possibilities and prospects for the further development of radio technical expertise in the forensic service.


Radio-technical expertise, research of radio-electronic devices, interception of information, special technical means, forensic departments

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IDR: 143173253   |   DOI: 10.24411/2312-3184-2020-10094

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