Ways of improvement of medical and social care for adolescents

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The experience of developing youth-friendly health services in the Russian Federation has proven that adolescents and young people need medical, social and psychological services that address issues specific to their age. Such a facility uses the services of 8 to 10 professionals, including a gynecologist, an andrologyst, a psychologist, a social worker, a lawyer and an obstetrician. There is a clear and confirmed demand for youth friendly health services and they should be further developed. Improving the efficiency of health and social care for adolescents requires the creation of a network within the current system of child health centers, educational institutions and youth-friendly health services. The recognition of special social status of adolescents, increased number of consumers of medical and social services due to the inclusion of 10-14 year-old adolescents and young adulthood, the transition to an integrated medical and psycho-social care related to various health problems associated with the specifics of adolescence is needed. Immediate objectives include more intensive involvement of adolescents in the activities of youth-friendly services and the need to promote healthy life styles.


Crosssectoral cooperation, educational institutions, medical and social care, youth-friendly health services, adolescence

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