The new generation forest selection program

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The aim of the work - to tell about the new methods of forest selection. New knowledge on the development and selection of forest ecosystems, including the author's results, is presented; their integration is a method of investigation. The laws in the development of stands are considered; Their registration in breeding solves the problem of growth types by controlling the development of test cultures by the regulation of their density [1]. The selection of Finnish spruce [2] and Scots pine [3] with the study of offspring from 1.435 trees showed that there is an epigenetic influence of the parent populations, and the differences in height between their offspring reach 15-21%. Differences in growth were influenced both by the density of the parental populations and by the density in the test cultures themselves. This kind of influence presupposes that the offspring have a genetic «memory» about the conditions in which their mothers developed, and in them it grows better...


Laws of development, epigenetics, tree stand, selection of conifers, biochemistry

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