Professional psychological selection for the internal affairs agencies: a new approach to studying personal and business qualities of applicants for the MIA units

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To enforce the regulation of the Russian government No. 1259 «Establishing Guidelines for professional psychological selection for the Russian Internal Affairs’ agencies» (December 6, 2012) the authors consider implementation of the new approach to studying personal and business qualities of the applicants for the Russian MIA units. The article discusses the methods of revealing factors of their potential deviant (dangerous for public) behaviour. The conclusions made concern impossibility of people incapable in future to counteract extreme factors of service, during fixed period master necessary minimum of knowledge, abilities and skills, perform officer’s professional duties to be employed for the Internal Affairs agencies due to this new approach.


Professional psychological selection, complex examination of applicants for the internal affairs agencies, psychodiagnostic test, special psychophysiological examination with a polygraph, professional psychological competency

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