The design of civilization: constructivist and ethical versions, prospects for Russia

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Before proceeding to civilizational construction, philosophy must define the ways of its creation and show the limitations that must be taken into account along the way. First it is necessary to answer the question of how to think in order to get a logically consistent description of the civilizational project. The subject of its analysis is the process of transformation in the language of possible worlds into the real world, logical processes and methods of description that support everyday thinking and scientific research. If there is a logically consistent description of civilization, then, therefore, we can talk about its project, claiming universal significance for a certain community of people. Another approach is based on the recognition of priority and value of life as such. This "civilization of life" is prepared by the entire course of human history and can be based on the ethics of reverence for life. Its goal is a careful and creative attitude to life in all its manifestations. It involves a turn in people's minds and is implemented through ethical practices such as self-restraint, self-denial, and self-improvement. The author tries to answer the question: can these design versions be used for civilizational construction in Russia? After all, none of them can serve as a direct prerequisite for the development of a civilizational model of another country or society, since they, in one way or another, follow from the cultural origins of Western civilization. The author of the article suggests not only not to forget about the significant difference in the cultural foundations of certain civilizations, but also to consider Russian civilization, on the one hand, as a transcultural phenomenon, which is the field of interaction of various cultures and subcultures, and on the other, as a system whose elements are linked by relations of transitivity.


Philosophy, design, constructivism, ethical version, civilization as a construct, «civilization of life», self-denial, self-improvement, transculturality, transitivity

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IDR: 170178850   |   DOI: 10.18287/2223-9537-2020-10-2-149-162

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