Endurance product for sprinters

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Endurance in sprint running is determined by the runner's ability to maintain maximum high speed at a distance and resist its decline due to fatigue that occurs during running. At present, recommendations for the development of sprint endurance are mainly intended for athletes using various means and methods of sports training. The development of this quality in athletes with the use of nutritional improvement technology has mainly general recommendations. Thanks to the nitrate contained in beets, the body absorbs more oxygen and fatigue less during exercise, contributing to the aerobic process. The main task of our work was: to determine the indicators of endurance in sprint running (repeated running of 100 m segments 5-6 times with the determination of the average), and to substantiate the methodology for the development of this quality in athletes using the technology of taking probiotics. The experimental data made it possible to reveal the effectiveness of the applied methodology for the development of endurance in sprint running. Moreover, the greatest effect was achieved using the method of circular training, with the inclusion of the means of speed-strength training in combination with running, as well as repeated running of short and long segments (30-200 m), alternating in one lesson, with a gradual decrease in the rest intervals. The experimental group that took beet juice showed a higher endurance increase in an average of 0.5 seconds than the control group, which allows us to draw a conclusion about the importance of taking nitrate in beets and its positive effect on the endurance of sprinters.


Sprint running, endurance, beet juice, nutrition, exercise

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IDR: 140257330   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2021-1-253-257

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