The process of innovative development of an enterprise in the region

Автор: Zhitinskaya L.O., Lutchenko V.G., Khorev A.I., Parshin N.M., Bekkiev A.Y., Ionov S.V.

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When entering the integrated structure of a subsidiary, it is obliged to comply with the established regulations for building the process of innovative development established in this structure. In the considered real subsidiary, innovative development should be developed in accordance with the following documents: an innovative development program for 5 years, a medium-term innovative development program for 3 years, a diversification strategy for 5 years and a business development strategy for 5 years. The main goal of the innovative development of any enterprise should be to ensure high competitive advantages of the enterprise by purposefully adapting internal resources to new areas of activity and introducing new technological developments, building an infrastructure for the development and production of new innovative products and services. The management system for the implementation of the process of innovative development at the enterprise provides for planning in innovative development programs activities for R&D both for civilian and defense products, and strategies provide methods and ways of their implementation. One of the main issues in the process of forming the innovative development of an enterprise is the formation of an innovative infrastructure, which is a complex of interrelated structures, resources and means that serve and ensure the introduction of innovations and the implementation of innovative processes. One of the most important problems that currently have to be solved by enterprises implementing innovative processes is the staffing of this process. It makes no sense to count on success in the innovative development of an enterprise if it does not have experienced managers and a sufficient number of specialists with the necessary knowledge and intellectual capital. Thus, carrying out innovative transformations at an enterprise is a rather risky business and therefore such an enterprise needs managers who are able to clearly understand the inevitability of an innovative path of development and the willingness to implement it.


Innovative development, civilian products, defense products, strategies, intellectual capital

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IDR: 140257349   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2021-1-367-374

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