Problems of state policy for industrial enterprises import substitution

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Carrying out the import substitution policy is constrained by several factors, the main of which include financial instability, low production capacity of enterprises, unfavorable foreign policy Wednesday. To enable the implementation of the state policy of import substitution neophodimo reoriented to increase the efficiency. In turn, the effectiveness criterion in modern conditions may make financial provision, financial instruments, supply and demand for import substitution, product competitiveness, quality of life and so on. In order to improve the effectiveness of state policy of import substitution is necessary to introduce a system of institutional reforms to ensure macroeconomic stability, to increase the productive capacity of the country to ensure food and economic security in general, to reduce market fluctuations.


Industrial enterprise, public policy of importzamehenie, capital, konkurentosposobnost, investment attractiveness, industrial politics, risk, bank, approvals, crediting, quality of life

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