The problem of preservation of cultural identity in conditions of globalization

Автор: Gerasimova Irina A., Ivakhnov Vasilii Yu

Журнал: Сервис plus @servis-plus

Рубрика: Культура и цивилизация

Статья в выпуске: 2 т.11, 2017 года.

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The article considers the problem of preserving identity. The author's understanding of identity as a certain stability of sociocultural, civilizational, national and individual characteristics is given and their self-identity, which gives an opportunity to answer the questions posed to each person: who I am and who we are. It is proved that in the era of globalization, the emerging problem of identity implies, first of all, a personal identity, that is, the formation of stable ideas of a person about himself as a member of society, as well as a cultural identity that gives the people a sense of self-identity, in the interethnic space. In other words, the basic element of the identity of any nation is a certain semantic integrity, which is perceived as a characteristic of the nation. The authors come to the conclusion that it is this semantic integrity that determines the connection of the entire system into a single whole. Thus, it is impossible to change identity without changing its main idea. However, if there is a blurring of the "main idea", no identity is able to resist. The authors note the importance of overcoming the crisis of both individual and collective identities in view of the spread of the values ​​of global culture. The conclusion of the article is the assertion that globalization is trying to break down the national identity, to dissolve it in the global processes of democratization, standardization of culture, economization, universalization of values ​​and informatization. In turn, the national identity challenges the globalization and raises the level of nationalism within the national communities and divides these communities into separate constituent elements - subnational communities. Possible ways of solving this problem are also presented.


Identity, homogenization, globalization, culture, values, nation

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IDR: 140210467   |   DOI: 10.22412/1993-7768-11-2-9

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