Ust-Medveditsky natural park is the key element in the system of protected areas in the Volgograd region

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The article characterizes Ust-Medveditsky natural park as the important element in the system of protected natural territories and ecological (natural) frame of the region. The author describes the peculiarities of some of the most significant natural landmarks and emphasizes the environmental and economic importance of the park. The Ust-Medveditsky natural park represents large natural and territorial knot and plays significant role in stabilization of native and artificial ecosystems in the region. The combination of zone, extrazonal and azonal vegetable communities is a distinctive feature of landscapes of Ust-Medveditsky natural park that predetermines richness of its flora and fauna. The floristic variety revealed to the present day allows to define the floristic complex of natural park as peculiar for the region.


Ust-medveditsky natural park, system of protected areas of Russia, ecological (natural) frame, flora, fauna, ecology, economy

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IDR: 14971328   |   DOI: 10.15688/jvolsu3.2014.2.12

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