Application of the procedures of “estimates of the regulating influence” in system of strategic planning: experience of the Ulyanovsk region

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The problem of search of the new sources of growth based on effective public administration, improvement of quality of strategic planning and efficiency of the budgetary expenses keeps the strategic importance. One of such sources is the institute of assessment of the regulating influence. It is a complete complex system of measures, directed at the improvement of quality of adoption of the regulating decisions that functions at all stages of a state and administrative cycle, uniting and cooperating public authorities of different levels, and also the elements providing the transparency and the openness of the development of programs and social and economic policy in general including the documents of the strategic character. In the article the advantages of the introduction of the assessment procedure of the regulating influence which were actively used in the course of rule-making by the countries of OECD for about 30 years, and in Russia gave a boost to development only since 2010 are analyzed...


Region, strategic planning, management, regulation, regional policy, social sphere, economic complex, assessment of the regulating influence, efficiency

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IDR: 149131161   |   DOI: 10.15688/re.volsu.2017.1.18

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