Causes of gender conflicts in interpersonal communication

Автор: Lyudmila N. Konyagina

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Everyone participates in the exchange of information in all spheres of life and the effectiveness of com-munication process affects the success of life in general. If the exchange of information violates, it reduces the effective-ness of our lives. Communication is the phenomenon of public life, its need, as originated with people’s joint activity. Communication emerges group effects, transforms partners’ mental potentials of social interaction in human relationships and the quality of the individual, solves vital tasks of communities and individuals. The relevance of the article topic connects with the problem statement in the study: causes of gender conflict in interpersonal communication. The objective of the article is to compare aspects of interpersonal interaction and show the difference of the gender aspects for interper-sonal communication of people aged 25 to 35 years. The object is the interpersonal communication. The subject is the relationship of gender differences with barriers of communication. According to the hypothesis, gender differences of peo-ple are one of factors in interpersonal barriers.


Need for communication, communication phenomenon, the social roles of men and women, existing stereotypes of communication, exchange of information, conflict situations, conflicts, gender, gender perspective, interpersonal relationships, communication barriers


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IDR: 140244448   |   DOI: 10.24411/2413-693X-2019-10309

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