Prevention of caries and its complications in the population of a special economic zone: effectiveness of management and practical actions

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The article highlights the problem of caries prevention in the adult population. It is emphasized that individual prevention of dental diseases contributes to the improvement of the public health, it is carried out through awareness of the role and importance of hygiene procedures and is aimed at eliminating the causes and conditions for the occurrence and development of diseases, and increasing the body's resistance to adverse environmental factors. The authors conducted a study that, in addition to carrying out preventive measures, took into account systemic diseases that directly affect the level of acidity of the oral fluid, as well as the patients’ residential occupancies. A complex of measures that registers the main cariogenic factors and predicts the occurrence of a carious process has been developed. The developed options of clinical examination allow tracing the patterns that occur in the surface layers of the enamel after therapeutic and preventive treatment and comparing the effectiveness of individual preventive measures in permanent dentition.


Caries, prevention, prevalence, management

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IDR: 170194997   |   DOI: 10.24412/2500-1000-2022-7-3-18-21

Список литературы Prevention of caries and its complications in the population of a special economic zone: effectiveness of management and practical actions

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