Transformation of regional quality estimation system of preschool education

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The article presents the results of experimental studies that were aimed at the studying of the effectiveness of the developed regional assessment system of the quality of preschool education in Krasnodar region. The presented material reveals the social and pedagogical significance of the problem at issue and its relevance. The need for the further development of preschool education which is caused by the implementation of the new State Educational Standard has been emphasized. The reorientation of the pedagogical process in pre-school educational organizations (PEO) in accordance with the new goals and tasks of preschool education has been indicated. The given information refers to the issues related to the complexity of the construction and implementation of the pedagogical process in a PEO, where the human factor plays a large role. Accordingly, the authors point out the need for the strict control over the educational process which is characterized by high mobility and dependence on many factors...


Preschool education, quality assessment system, state educational standard, educational process

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