International legal regulation of counteraction to the legalization of criminally obtained income

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Purpose: Research of current international legal acts and identification of problematic issues in the organization of cooperation of the internal affairs bodies of the Russian Federation with the competent authorities of foreign states in the implementation of countering the legalization of proceeds from crime, identification of such proceeds and their subsequent confiscation. Methodology: The systematic and legal research methods were used. Results: The socio-legal pattern of the emergence of the need to resolve the issues of discrepancies in the legislation of various states on the issues of criminal and criminal procedure law, aimed at combating the legalization of proceeds from crime, is revealed. Novelty/originality/value: The relevance and value of the issues investigated in the article is due to the importance of resolving regulatory collisions that make it difficult for the competent law enforcement agencies of various states to perform functions related to solving crimes of a transnational and (or) international nature, the establishment (detection), as well as the seizure and subsequent confiscation of funds and other property received from such illegal activities. The article contains information about the author’s analysis of the established international relations, the novelty and relevance of which are of scientific and practical importance for the further improvement of international law.


International cooperation, international treaties, conventions, directives, transnational crime, international crime, money laundering

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