Human rights in the geopolitical space

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Рurpose: To study the specifics and problems of protecting human rights and citizens in the modern geopolitical space. Methodology: The article uses a method of comparative analysis, a formal legal method. Results: The article examines the main trends in the protection of human rights and citizens in Russia and abroad. The author emphasizes the particular urgency of the problem of protecting human rights and citizens in the modern world, detailing the study of existing contradictions between the declarative and practical spheres of protection of human rights and citizens. The article establishes that at present in Russia and in the world as a whole there is a serious discrepancy between declarative rights and the real situation with their provision and protection. The main condition for ensuring human and citizen’s rights is the creation of real mechanisms for their protection at the national and transnational levels. Novelty/originality/value: This article represents a certain scientific significance due to the relevance of the research topic and its importance for modern Russian society and legal science. The practical importance of the work lies in the possibility of applying its results to improve Russian legislation in the field of protecting human and civil rights and freedoms.


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