Improving the quality of sugar at the expense of intensification sulphitation intermediates of sugar production

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Applicable for sulfitation equipment should provide a high degree of utilization of sulfur dioxide, which should allow to reduce the cost of production of sugar by reducing fuel sulfur and improve the ecological situation in the placement of a sugar factory. Currently used as standard equipment the liquid-jet sulfitator type A2-PSK and A2-PSM have disadvantages, the main ones are: unsatisfactory performance when the flow solution to be treated and released into the atmosphere from the combustion products nutritionally sulfur. Modernized standard liquid spray sulfitator to improve performance without significant cost, even if the treated liquid flow. A positive result with this work sulfitator achieved due to the fact that the mixing chamber is provided with a device for controlling the flow cross section of holes disc formed as it moves in the ring attached thereto with tapered fingers. Sulfitator is a cylindrical body provided with a sulfited separator for separating liquid and flue gas. By using a separator attached flange connection mixing chamber sulfitation source liquid and a gas supply pipe provided with sulfur dioxide placed inside a disk having five openings for forming jets of high dynamic fluid flow control device and a disk hole section formed in a chamber in the movable ring attached to it, tapered fingers. The form allows the fingers to create a flow of fluid through the disc hole, flowing at high speed and maintain a constant positive pressure to drive the liquid in the mixing chamber. When changing the amount of fluid supplied to the sulfitation ring having tapered fingers moves the fingers and alter the orifice holes, maintaining the pressure of the sugar solution prior to manufacturing the disk constant. This improves the contact of the liquid with the gas. The designed device can improve the efficiency of physical and chemical treatment of liquid intermediates of sugar production.


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