Increasing the efficiency of the partial oil removal column

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The operation of the primary oil refining unit is considered. An analysis of the operation of the operating column K-1 showed that there are noticeable fluctuations in the operating mode of the apparatus in the summer and cold season, as a result, a change in the temperature of the column top and a deterioration in the clarity of fraction rectification were observed. To study the methods of adjusting the parameters of the K-1 topping column, a computational experiment was carried out using the UniSim Design modeling system, in which the models of the apparatus and the installation model as a whole were formed. The Peng-Robinson method was used as a mathematical package for calculating the thermodynamic properties of the mixture components. Comparison of the calculated performance of the two options for the equipment of the column K-1. According to the first version, the operation of the K-1 column was simulated, in which the raw material enters the 19 tray, the hot stream is fed to the bottom of the column to the 24 tray, oil reflux to the 5 tray, acute irrigation and a partial condenser are used. Unstable technological regimes of the column top were observed in this variant in industrial conditions. To assess the fundamental possibility of changing the hardware design of the K-1 column, another option was chosen, in which there is no acute irrigation and oil irrigation, at the same time, upper circulating irrigation was introduced from the 5th to the 1st tray with cooling the flow and the technological scheme of forming and feeding the hot jet was preserved. Comparison of the fractional compositions of the topped oil showed that for the considered options, there are practically similar calculated estimates, while the use of upper circulating irrigation allows not only to unload the upper part of the distillation column from the heat load, but also to use a significant heat flow of the cooler of the upper circulating irrigation for preheating oil , which will also reduce the consumption of liquid fuel for furnaces.


Oil refining, oil partial topping tower, energy consumption, oil, UniSim Design

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IDR: 140257335   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2021-1-284-289

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