The consumer properties of wall products from aac

Автор: Vatin Nikolai Ivanovich, Gorshkov Alexander Sergeevich, Kornienko Sergey Valeryevich, Pestryakov Igor Ivanovich

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Статья в выпуске: 1 (40), 2016 года.

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The paper presents a qualitative analysis of the geometric characteristics and mechanical properties of AAC blocks, as well as thermal and economic parameters of wall structures. Both positive and negative characteristics of wall products and constructions of AAC blocks are considered. Current normative documents in RF have been analyzed. Based on the conducted analysis, the qualitative assessment of wall products and constructions is presented. The paper provides recommendations of the AAC blocks application in residential buildings construction in Russian Federation. It is shown that in the climatic zones with heating degree-day period ≥ 4200 °C∙day/year, it is inefficient to use AAC blocks for external walls without additional insulation.


Building, autoclaved aerated concrete, aac blocks, thermal conductivity, thermal resistance, energy efficiency, energy saving, walls

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