Potential of ground forces of the Crimean front on the anti-air defense (1942)

Автор: Tkachenko S.N.

Журнал: Juvenis scientia @jscientia

Рубрика: Исторические науки и археология

Статья в выпуске: 9, 2018 года.

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On the basis of archival documents, the air defense potential of the ground units of the Crimean front is shown, and the air defense capabilities of the ground forces in the first half of 1942 on the Kerch Peninsula are analyzed. Particular attention is paid to the changes in the composition of military air defense units during the first period of the war.

Anti-aircraft defense (air defense), crimean front, anti-aircraft machine guns, anti-aircraft guns

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IDR: 14110419   |   DOI: 10.32415/jscientia.2018.09.11