Building an innovative QMS and its functioning using a digital platform

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In today's economic environment, businesses are forced to operate in a highly competitive, complex and volatile environment. A distinctive feature of the current conditions is also the fact that in addition to the increasing demand for goods and services of high quality among consumers, the demand for innovative products is increasing. Against the background of the continuous development of technologies in various fields, enterprises began to actively introduce them to create innovative products. At the same time, enterprises striving to strengthen their positions in the market faced the problem of constantly reducing the development and production of innovative products while maintaining a high level of quality. It is currently impossible to solve this problem without digitalization of enterprises, which means the introduction of digital technologies not only in production and technology, but also in financial and organizational and managerial areas. From these positions, it seems relevant to develop organizational and management methods aimed at improving the innovative development of the enterprise. The authors of the article presented a model of an innovative QMS, built on the basis of the integration of a quality management system and an innovation management system using a digital platform as a basis for the creation and effective functioning of a modern enterprise. Within the framework of this model, the possibility of applying the process approach to the construction of an innovative QMS was considered, measures for its creation were developed, and an assessment of the planned economic effect from the introduction of an innovative QMS was given.


Scientific and technological progress, quality system, management, normative and technical documentation, innovation, management system, integration, digitalization

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IDR: 140257363   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2021-1-483-489

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