Pomorie and Pomors: the structure of one historical myth

Автор: Semushin Dmitry Leonidovich

Журнал: Арктика и Север @arcticandnorth

Рубрика: Исторические науки, этнология и антропология

Статья в выпуске: 7, 2012 года.

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The historical myth is playing a key role in any ethno-building. An important role in the initial stage is playing the work of ideologues and historians, writers. In the article is analyzed the structure of the Pomeranian historical myth, it is based on a specific interpretation of the colonization process of the Russian North and the specific interpretation of local history and geography and local concepts

Pomorie, pomors, barents region, russian north, regionalism, historical myth, historical falsification, ethno-building, ethnoseparatism

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