The approach of strategy development company in the integrated structure

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The article analyzes existing approaches to forming the strategy independently operating companies with reduced scheme similar formation. Also shows a typical model of strategy development and implementation of such an enterprise. Analysis approaches showed that the greatest interest applies to enterprises within the integrated structure, is an approach from the perspective of school ranking as the most mature in terms of identifying profitable positions in relation to competitors. Also this approach in terms of methodology on the most significant experiences and potential, as well as streamlining the process of strategic thinking. In addition, it was found that the approach in terms of the school positioning to be supported by an approach from the perspective the school of cognitive, oriented toward the level of scientific knowledge. What is very important for the conditions of the Russian Federation, where the development strategy of the enterprise engaged in, as a rule, self-taught on the basis of its own structure of knowledge and experience gained. Such a combined approach to development strategies must be supplemented by a thorough analysis of resources and opportunities, as the parent company and other companies integrated structure as a competitive advantage, enterprises can get from the relationship between themselves and the parent company. The article provides a model for the development and implementation of the strategy of the enterprise included in the integrated structure, in accordance with the above approach with its description. The above research allows enterprises to take into account the complexity of entering into this structure, as well as to assess the benefits, which should be more than the costs associated with the entry.


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