Preparation of construction personnel in Estonia (based on results of the exhibition of higher education)

Автор: Gamayunova Olga Sergeevna, Usanova Kseniya Yrievna

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Статья в выпуске: 7 (12), 2013 года.

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This article was prepared on the basis of the participation of Institute of Civil Engineering of St.Petersburg State Polytechnical University in fair of Russian education (Tallinn, Estonia). The article describes the opportunities for construction education in Estonia and Russia (for example, Institute of Civil Engineering), described the possibility of using a virtual environment Moodle to work with appli-cants and with students in the educational process.

Higher education, moodle, distance learning, construction education, virtual learning environment, university of tartu, tallinn university of technology, tallinn university, bachelor''s degree, specialist degree, master degree

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