Plasmapheresis in complex immune correction of vasculitis manifestations in surgical patients

Автор: Andrivskikh I.A., Tkachev C.I., Omelyanuk M.Yu.

Журнал: Дневник казанской медицинской школы @dkmsc

Рубрика: Клиническая и экспериментальная медицина

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Aim: to study influence of a plasma exchange on reduction of a vascular inflammation. Materials and Methods. The discrete plasmapheresis in combination with complex immune correction during pre-operative management at 56 surgical patients (aged 47.03±1.92 years) for the purpose of stabilization of immune vascular inflammation is applied. Results. In 36 patients atherosclerosis of various arterial locations was diagnosed. Twenty patients had nonspecific aorto-arteritis, thromboangiitisobliterans and anti-phospholipid syndrome. The patients’ immune state was studied prior to and after plasmapheresis. Following plasmapheresis combined with immune correction the indices of immune state were significantly improved, namely ESR and C-reactive protein indices and circulating immune complexes became normal. Complement system function became better, abnormal activity of T-cytotoxic lymphocytes decreased, neutrophil phagocyte function became normal. Conclusions. Thus, plasmapheresis carried out in surgical patients having inflammatory conditions in vessels proved quite effective and occasionally it was an indispensable method to stabilize immune vascular inflammation.


Plasmapheresis, vascular involvement, immune state, immune correction

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