Perspectives and directions of scientific and technological development of Kazakhstan in the long run

Автор: Shevchenko Elena Valerievna, Nikitin Evgenij Borisovich

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The results of studies on the project "System analysis and forecasting in the field of science and technology", conducted by JSC "National Center for State Scientific and Technical Expertise" in 2013-2014 in the form of a study aimed at identifying priority areas of scientific and technological development of Kazakhstan for the period up to 2030 are viewed. The project included analysis of scientific and technical information, government reports, analytical reviews of leading national and international research organizations, consulting firms "Big Four", bibliometric and patent search, analysis of reports of industrial enterprises in 8 priority areas for Kazakhstan: Sustainable development of agricultural sector, processing and food safety, biotechnology, health of the nation, information and telecommunication technologies, new materials and technology, environment and natural resources, safe, clean and efficient energy, engineering. According to the research areas of interdisciplinary research were identified, the implementation of which will solve the main problem of development of Kazakhstan - becoming one of the fifty most competitive countries in the world - Maintaining and improving health and quality of life of the nation; Environmentally friendly agricultural products, maintaining and improving the health of the nation's which is export-oriented; Environmentally friendly habitat on the basis of "green" technologies and energy efficiency and saving Society. According to the results of the project prepared recommendations for decision-makers in the field of financing research and development in the Republic of Kazakhstan in the form of a list of priority areas and topics of research and development for the period up to 2030.


Scientific and technological development, convergence of technologies, multidisciplinary of research, scientific subjects, key products and services, priorities of development, forsyte

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