Pedagogical aspects of preparing pre-conscription youth for service in the Russian Army

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Only 20% of young people (boys) possess such health level that helps them to serve in the army. Comprehensive school leavers, graduates from universities joining the army have insufficient physical health, low working ability and functional opportunities which dont correspond to big demands made to them and which lower the effectiveness of solving the tasks. The authors of the paper suggest the following forms and methods of pedagogical influence as practical recommendations for preparing young people for the service in the Russian Army: upbringing of young peoples (boys) moral qualities; psychological training to overcoming difficulties of the military service. They also suggest introducing the ways of forming and perfecting military-applied movement skills and habits; mastering the ways of hand to hand fight and self-defence without any arms of the service; training speed, force, power of endurance, coordination, adroitness, flexibility, special power of endurance.


Youth (young people), russian army, preparing for the service

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