Pedagogical problem of development of coordination abilities at preschool age

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The article presents information obtained in the process of finding answers to questions related to the further improvement of the system of physical education for children of preschool age. The tendencies of the transformation of this system in the context of changing attitudes, values and emerging opportunities are considered. It is shown that the topic is still relevant, especially in relation to the development of motor skills at preschool age. The data reflecting the real state of cases regarding the development of physical qualities and their manifestation in daily life of preschoolers, confirmed by the results of their own observations, are of particular interest. And also the results of the analysis of the relationship between the level of development of physical qualities and the development of coordination abilities of children at preschool age are significant. The justification of the role of coordination abilities in the general structure of the physical education system at preschool age is convincingly presented...


Children of preschool age, physical education of preschool children, development of physical qualities, coordination abilities

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